Welcome to Agile Wireless

We specialize in new and used Android cell phones.  Our customer service representatives are some of the most knowledgeble in the industry.  We can help you with phone settings, repairs and can recommend applications for making your phone more useful.  We can fully flash most Androids while you are waiting.

1 Sales 2 Repairs 3 Service

What's New?

No Contract cell phone plans for business. Not only do these plans offer cost effective monthly rates, they also offer maximum flexibility for businesses.  As your workforce expands or contracts, you don't have to worry about 2 year contracts.  No contract plans can be cancelled, activated or re-activated for either no cost, or minimal fees.  In many cases, we can use cell phones that you already own and activate them on a no contract plan.

Customer Service

Tired of spending hours trying to get hold of a human being at your carrier?  Or waiting in line at a corporate store?  We dedicated to excellent customer service and can perform many of the same tasks that customer support can do.  In addition, we can repair many of the common problems associated with cell phones, such as cracked or broken touch screens, broken charging ports, and speakers or microphones that aren't working.

About Agile Wireless

Agile Wireless is a full service wireless company.  We offer new and used phone sales, repair, bill payment and other services.  We have multiple wireless carriers for your convenience.  In addition, we can unlock GSM phones for other carriers and flash CDMA phones while you wait.

Call us at 480-874-5896 for more information.